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Forever Green is a small company offering a select life of Healthy and Locally Grown plants for you and your pets. From our Greenhouse to your house, we take time to make sure all our plants are grown and nourished with the most care.


Marie, Nixa

Thank you Deborah for the wonderful cat grass you provide. My cats cannot get enough. They LOVE LOVE LOVE it so much!

Jessica, Republic

My new spider plants are great at my home and in their new environment. I can really tell they were raised with a lot of care!

Catherine, Springfield

Just wanted to let you know my Gigi is enjoying the cat grass so much! And, the baby on the snake plant is getting taller!!!

Jenny, Springfield

Deborah!! These Calatheas are so beautiful. They add a lot of extra life to my home. 

assorted plants photo_edited.jpg

Welcome To Forever Green

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Your Pets Will Love You More!!


Our 4 Blend Wheatgrass is loaded with vitamins and nutrients to serve a purpose for you and your pets.

Published on WebMD

Click here to read about the benefits!

 Made of wheat, barley, oats, and rye.

  • Great antioxidants for smoothies and juicing.

  • 100% Locally Grown, 100% Organic.

  • Non-GMO, Open-Pollination in USA.

  • Contains Hemoglobin for greater digestion.

  • Natural control of hairballs for cats.

  • Loaded with Vitamins A-K.

  • Carries Chlorophyll for pain relieve and to help heal infections.



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