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Pothos Plant

I'm the pothos plant. I am an easy-to-grow, no-fuss houseplant with shiny, heart-shaped leaves and a vining nature perfect for baskets or draped on shelves.

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LARGE - $14.00

More to know

Pothos, though lacking blooms, this tropical vine—similar to philodendron—comes in an array of foliage colors and patterns that appeal to a wide range of tastes and decors. Nearly foolproof even for beginners, this is a great low-light indoor plant perfect for darker rooms and offices.

Botanical name: Epipremnum aureum

Common names: Devil’s vine, Ceylon creeper, Taro vine, Ivy arum, Silver vine

Origin: Native to tropical regions of Southeast Asia and Western Pacific islands

Care level: Easy

Size: Trail from 5 to 10 feet or longer depending on type of Pothos

Light requirements: Bright indirect light. Tolerant to low light. Avoid direct sunlight

Growth rate: Slow to fast depending on variety. More variegation tends to slow growth

Foliage: Shiny leaves are 4-12 inches long, heart- or lance-shaped

Flower colors: Green, chartreuse, blue, or variegated patterns

pothos plant



Where to grow:

Pothos do well in a hanging basket to show off the vines or in a regular pot on a plant stand. They can be allowed to grow up walls, though their aerial roots—which they use to attach themselves to surfaces like trees or other vertical structure. Never grow them outdoors, especially in areas with mild winters.

Temperature and humidity:

With ideal temperature range between (60-80 degrees F) Pothos prefers high humidity similar to its native habitat, but is tolerant of average or dry air. Plants will benefit from supplemental air moisture such as misting or a room humidifier during winter when indoor air is drier.

Soil type:

Grow in a high quality, well-draining potting mix. Pothos prefers a slightly acidic pH of 6.1 to 6.5, but is tolerant of values slightly above or below.


Pot requirements:

Plant in a container 1-2 inches wider than the root ball with adequate drainage holes.




Allow the top inch of soil to dry out between waterings; overwatering can cause root rot. Discard excess water from the saucer underneath the pot so that plants are not sitting in water.


Pothos are light feeders. Apply a balanced liquid houseplant fertilizer every 1-3 months to keep plants looking healthy.


Pothos can be kept more compact or allowed to sprawl. Trim back long runners to keep plants full and bushy. Bare stems can be cut back to soil level to encourage new branches to sprout. For a vining habit, allow plants to grow naturally.


If plant becomes droopy no matter how much they’re watered, this can be a sign of being rootbound. Remove the plant from its container; if roots appear crowded and are circling tightly, then it’s time to repot. Place in a new container 1-2 inches wider in fresh potting soil.


Can include mealybugs or scale. Wipe affected areas with a swab or cotton ball dipped in 70% rubbing alcohol, or apply insecticidal soap. If soil stays too wet over a period of time, it may attract fungus gnats. Allow soil to dry out between waterings to deter gnats.


Choose Forever Green

Signature Packaging

All of Forever Green plants and products are professionally packaged and hand-delivered the same day. The plants we raise are never boxed, and are always handled with the most care. It's our guarantee to carefully clean, hydrated, and inspect before arriving at your door.

forever green nursery
forever green nursery


Survival Planting For Seedling

At Forever Green the life of all plants is very important. From the beginning of the plant we use non-woven fabric seedling bags for greater seedling survival rate and faster growth. The grow bags allow the roots of all plants to breath, are water permeable, and never cause roots to decay.  

forever green nursery
forever green nursery


Proper Growth Lighting

The plants at the Forever Green nursery begin their life with proper indoor lighting to promote their growth. We use top quality full spectrum lighting during the first stages of growth with each plant. All plants from our nursery are protected from insects and harmful weather.

forever green nursery
forever green nursery


100% Organic


Top Quality

Trusted Service

Healthy and Locally Grown house plants. 

All plants are Non-genetically modified, Open pollination, and Chemical free house plants. 

forever green owner

Note from the grower

Thank you so much for viewing Forever Green and helping to support my small business. Your support means a lot to me and I am honored to have a customer like you. 

Deborah the owner

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