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Sage Sticks

I'm the sage smudge stick. I am often used to prevent illness and cleanse a space as I have antimicrobial properties. I am also used for meditation, cleansing the aura and attracting positive energy.

4" BLUE SAGE - $3.00

4" WHITE SAGE - $3.50


4" 7 CHAKRA SAGE - $5.00

Our Sage Guide

These are the most known sage smudge sticks we offer at Forever Green.

white sage smudge stick

White Sage

Cleansing, Clearing, Purification

White Sage is one of the most beloved and popular sage types out there. Silvery and sweet, this sage is often used in ceremonies. White Sage is famed for it's cleansing energy and can help sweep bad vibes out of a space and mind.

dragons blood sage stick

Dragons Blood Sage

Energy, Meditation, Reiki, Yoga

A combination of White Sage and a tropical rare tree resin called Dragons Blood. This sage is great for health and awareness options. Mostly used for any spiritual practice this Dragons Blood sage has proven medicinal purposes. 

7 chakra sage stick

7 Chakra Sage

Health, Vitality, Positivity

White Sage wrapped in seven rainbow colored rose petals. Each one of these petals represents the seven main chakras. Add balance with additional blessings of love, happiness, and new beginnings. 

blue sage smudge stick

Blue Sage

Calming, Protecting, Healing

Also known as "Grandmother sage", Blue Sage is often used in rituals thanks to its strong ancient wisdom vibes. This kind of sage has deep links with the Native American community and can be used in all kinds of cleansing practices.  

More to know

White Sage is deeply rooted in the cultures and lifeways of Indigenous communities of Southern California and northern Baja, the only region this sage naturally occurs in the world. This plant's limited wild populations are under threat from poaching, climate change, and development.

Botanical name: Salvia Apiana

Common names: Bee sage, Sacred sage

Origin: Native to Southwestern United States and Northwestern Mexico

Size: Differs from 3 - 5 feet tall with a 3 - 8 feet spread

Light requirements: Bright full sunlight 

Growth rate: Slow-growing. May take as many as 2 - 3 years for maximum size

Foliage: Upright shrub with little branching

Flower colors: Green foliage with white to pale lavender flowers

white sage plant


Choose Forever Green

Signature Packaging

All of Forever Green plants and products are professionally packaged and hand-delivered the same day. The plants we raise are never boxed, and are always handled with the most care. It's our guarantee to carefully clean, hydrated, and inspect before arriving at your door.

forever green nursery
forever green nursery


Survival Planting For Seedling

At Forever Green the life of all plants is very important. From the beginning of the plant we use non-woven fabric seedling bags for greater seedling survival rate and faster growth. The grow bags allow the roots of all plants to breath, are water permeable, and never cause roots to decay.  

forever green nursery
forever green nursery


Proper Growth Lighting

The plants at the Forever Green nursery begin their life with proper indoor lighting to promote their growth. We use top quality full spectrum lighting during the first stages of growth with each plant. All plants from our nursery are protected from insects and harmful weather.

forever green nursery
forever green nursery


100% Organic


Top Quality

Trusted Service

Healthy and Locally Grown house plants. 

All plants are Non-genetically modified, Open pollination, and Chemical free house plants. 

forever green owner

Note from the grower

Thank you so much for viewing Forever Green and helping to support my small business. Your support means a lot to me and I am honored to have a customer like you. 

Deborah the owner

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